Monday, March 23, 2015

Hamilton's Mimi Shaw Delivers Great Rockabilly and Alt-Country

People say they don't make 'em like they used to but Hamilton country gal Mimi Shaw has proven them wrong.  Her debut EP, Niagara, is brimming with good, old-fashioned Americana music injected with modern energy.

With an amazing voice that's just perfect for country, you'll find a lot to love on her EP. Top-notch backing musicians capable of rocking out and tugging at your heart strings doesn't hurt either.

Mimi teamed up with the late, great Brian Griffith, as well as John LewisLisa Winn, Clark Johnston, Sean O’Grady, Tone Valcic, and Thompson Wilson (Harlan Pepper) to make this sensational recording.  Alt-country superstar Lori Yates also co-wrote two of the great tracks.

You can pick up a CD at one of her incredible live shows or download it via her online shop.  There are also copies available at Pick N Sticks.

Video above courtesy of Mimi Shaw

Blast from the Past: Barber Shop Podcast With Mimi Shaw

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