Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Waterloo's SoulDrive Offer Up Spacey, Soulful, Psychedelic Rhythms on Their EP

The Self-titled EP from Waterloo's SoulDrive may be short (5 tracks) but it's oh so sweet!  With a psychedelic 60s meets 70s blues rock sound, it will envelop you in its rhythms and won't let go!

This EP can get spacey but its roots are solidly in old fashioned soul, blues and funk.  You'll be chillin' and partyin' at the same time.

Providing the passionate, stirring, soulful vocals is the amazing Johanna Pavia.  Also,  Nick Rorai McNeil offers up some tasty keyboard riffs and bass licks, Christopher Paleshi ably bends the guitar to his will and Rob Cardy keeps the drums flowing.

If you want a physical CD, it can be picked up at one of their show or by contacting the band.  You can also choose to download it through their Bandcamp Page

Blast from the Past: Souldrive Goes to 2015 Blues Challenge

Videos above courtesy of Johanna Pavia

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