Saturday, March 7, 2015

Waterloo Songstress JoJo Worthington's 7 is A Full Musical Experience!

There are two things you'll be thinking about right away when you listen to 7, the latest album from Waterloo songstress JoJo Worthington: What a voice and she can really rock the ukulele!  The lady's gotten a lot of notice lately thanks to her recent Acoustic Music and Toronto Indie Awards.  This recording will certainly help give her some more well-deserved recognition.

From enchanting, sparse vocals and uke numbers to fully produced multi-instrumental epics, you'll get a full musical experience from JoJo.  Folk, funk, soul, and pop are all handled with skill and creativity.

The singer/songwriter has enlisted quite a few local luminaries to back her up.  These include Shane Parker (drums), Rusty Carriere (bass), Tom Meikle (guitar, vocals), Jonny Cottrill (organ, piano), Tim Moher (sax), Trevor Bowan (trumpet), Adam Courts (trombone), Rick Guzik (accordion), Caesar (cello), Doug Johnson (pedal steel guitar), Dave Neigh of Steel City Rovers (violin), Rebekah Hawker (vocals), Liam Bristow (bass), Ian Koiter (keys) and The Vaudevillian.

Physical CDs are available at her splendid live shows and through her website.  It can also be downloaded via her Bandcamp page.

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