Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hamilton Arts Award Winners 2013

The area's amazing creative community was celebrated on May 27, 2013 with the handing out of the Hamilton Arts Awards.  As always, the city's unrivaled music talent was an important part of the ceremony. Click here for the Spectator story.

In the Performance (Established) category, Dave Gould won for his musical and storytelling skills. 

Links: Dave Gould, More Dave Gould Stories, Video courtesy of Alex Maveal

The Performance (Emerging) award went to the incredible Nicole Christian.

Links: Nicole Christian, More Nicole Christian Stories, Video courtesy of Steve Porter

Music veteran Steve Sinnicks took home the Music (Established) honours.

Links: Steve Sinnicks, More Steve Sinnicks Stories,Video courtesy of Steve Sinnicks

The accomplished Sarah Good recieved accolades for Music (Emerging).

Links: Sarah Good, Video courtesy of Southern Souls

Congratulations to everyone.  Click here for more about the Arts Awards

Blast from the Past: The 2012 Hamilton Arts Awards Winners 

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