Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rita Chiarelli's Music From the Big House DVD/Blu-Ray

Music from the Big House, the revealing documentary by acclaimed Canadian director, Bruce McDonald and starring Hamilton's Rita Chiarelli, is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

The film follows the Canadian Blues Queen as she plans a concert at Louisiana's infamous Angola Prison.  Rather than just perform there, the blueswoman enlists the help of the prisoners to play and write songs for the show.

With Rita's name attached to the project, you know the songs will be amazing.  You can read about it in our review of the soundtrack.

Beyond the incredible music, the documentary tells an inspiring story of redemption and forgiveness.  The inmates use the power of music to change their lives around. Their mutual love of performing bonds them to Rita and each other.

Artistically filmed in black and white, the movie is stunningly beautiful while still revealing the harshness of prison life.  The spotlight fluctuates between Rita, the inmates and the facility.

There are also some great extras such as more great live music, deleted scenes and a music video.

The film is available through many regular and online shops as well as though the documentary's site.

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