Monday, May 13, 2013

Home Sweet Home Debut CD (featuring Ray Materick)

Home Sweet Home, the new band featuring  legendary Hamilton musician Ray Materick, recently released their excellent self-titled debut.

Gordon Lightfoot himself has called this CD brilliant and who are we to argue with him?  Besides, he's definitely right on the money!

Materick's incredible songwriting skills are definitely in full steam here as every tune tells a story.  Ray and the amazing group take his words and wrap them around sweet, beautiful music.

This project is also a bit of a family affair as three members of the talented Ludgate clan (John, Sheila and Shane) lend their artistry.  Shelly Hastings and Alicia Cameron also add their musical gifts to the CD.

Check out the band's website for instruction on how to order a signed copy of this must-have CD.

The video below is courtesy of Lucas Stagg

Blast from the Past: Home Sweet Home@Pheasant Plucker

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