Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Andy Griffiths CD: Mind on Other Things

Once again, local singer/songwriter Andy Griffiths, brings his great pop/folk/rock sound to a new disc.  Mind on Other Things is a great follow up to his previous CD, Looking at a Life ...

This time, the spirit's a lot higher.  Tunes like Gone Forever, Lost My Groove, and Garbage into Space, are incredibly catchy and animated.  Slower moments such as Your Style and Your Smile and We Sing For Your Love work extremely well as a beautful contrast to the more kinetic ones.

To end off the album, Andy's included two interesting, raw, bonus demo tracks.

A few of the accomplished musicians from the previous disc make a triumphant return. Frank Koren, Ray Farrugia, Lawrie Ingles and others add their magic touch.

There's some new blood is here as well.  Both Tomi Swick and Kim Koren add background vocals to a few tracks.  Jesse O'Brien tickles the ivories on 4 songs.  Mark Lalama even breaks out his accordion for wonderful The Fog Has Lifted.  There are too many other guests to mention but they all make this CD sound marvelous.

You can pick up this spectacular CD at Andy's live shows.

Below are a few live videos from a CD release show.

Blast From the Past: Andy Griffith's Looking at a Life...

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