Sunday, September 24, 2017

GOOD LUCK! Local Reps for 2018 International Blues Challenge in Memphis

For the first time, the Hamilton Blues Lovers (along with their mascot, Trebleclef  were on hand to see the Grand River Blues Society pick their representatives for the 2018 International Blues Challenge in Memphis.  Hopefully they will win during the January 2018 event.

The GRBS judges chose their winner at a wonderful music event on Sunday, September 24, 2017 at Bobby O'Brien's in Kitchener.

Hamilton music legend, Tim Gibbons beat out Ajax's Ragwax to go to the prestigious contest to compete in the solo/duo category.

Links: Tim GibbonsMore Tim Gibbons Stories,  Video above courtesy of Pauline DeRosa

There were 5 amazing groups vying for a trip to go to the competition: Gary Cain Band, Craig Dougan Band, Lonestar Cafe, Big D and The Topside Band, The Vaudevillian and the Outsider Band. In the end, Kitchener's Gary Cain Band won it.

Links: Gary CainMore Gary Cain StoriesVideo above courtesy of Gary Cain

HBL and Trebleclef had an fabulous time at the local show and we have a lot of picture from the event. Please click here to see them.

In other local news, former Hamiltonian Paul Langille and his music partner Tom Lockwood have been chosen to represent the Great Lakes Blues Society in the IBC (for the second year in a row).

Links: Paul Langille, More Paul Langille StoriesTom Lockwood, More Tom Lockwood StoriesVideo above courtesy of Spur of the Moment Media

UPDATE: We recently learned that Hamilton's Alfie Smith and Nicole Christian will also be heading to the Challenge under the Western New York Blues Society banner.

Links: Alfie Smith and Nicole ChristianMore Alfie Smith StoriesMore Nicole Christian Stories,  Video above courtesy of Paul Bottos


Blast from the Past: Last Year's Winners

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