Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bianca Bernardi Debuts With an EP Filled With Emotion and Passion!

We continue  our reviews of the recent Hamilton Music Award nominees with a look at the amazing Burlington songstress Bianca Bernardi.  Her self-titled debut EP received a nod for Best Pop Recording and the talented lady herself is up for Female Artist of the Year. What a way to kickstart her recording career!

All the recognition is richly deserved as the EP explores many music facets such as pop, jazz, rock, folk, and soul.  Bianca's got the voice of an angel and can perform in any style she damn well pleases.  You can really feel the emotion and passion in her magnificent voice.

The singer/songwriter has enlisted some top flight talent to lend a helping hand.  Her father, Crowbar drummer Sonnie Bernardi is along for the ride and he brought along many of his  905 Band  co-horts (Jack Shearer, Russ Little, Michael Stuart).  This superb lineup also includes Karen Thornton, Bill Dillon, Guido Basso, Paul Offenbacher (who produced the EP), Nikki Loney, Shawn Trotter, and Kiirsi Maunula.

Bianca tells us that the CD has sold out but she is waiting some more copies.  You can contact her for more information.  The EP can also be downloaded using iTunes.

Video above courtesy of Bianca Bernardi

Video above courtesy of Kasey Bridges

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