Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hostile Takeover at Hamilton Blues Lovers!

Shortly, after being introduced as the new mascot for the Hamilton Blues Lovers, Trebleclef the monkey has seized control of the company.  Thanks to a well-played hostile takeover, he's now the CEO of Hamilton Blues Lovers Inc and has moved into the official mansion.

Recently fired HBL PR manager, April Fulcilli accused Trebleclef blackmailing the board of directors.  Reporters asked her if  he had candid videos of crimes and/or infidelities.

"Worse," she replied, "Videos of them listening to Justin Bieber!"

Word is the monkey has let this new found power go to his head,  Thanks to the influence of the important position, he petitioned to proclaim a Davy Jones day in Hamilton, erect a statue of King Kong in Gore Park and have weekly, mandatory Planet of the Apes marathons at all theaters.  A run for mayor is also in the planning stages.

We tracked former HBL CEO Lou, at his new living quarters (a cardboard box by Luigi's All You Can Eat Chicken Feet Hut).

"That banana munching bastard!!!," he screamed, "I let him into the company when he was just an organ grinder's monkey and this is the thanks I get!"

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