Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Guelph's Del Bel Get Cinematic and Epic on New Album!

The first thing you'll notice about the brand new self titled album from Guelph/Toronto band, del bel, is just how wonderfully cinematic it is.  Their epic sound is tailor-made to create a sonic atmosphere.

After listening to the whole recording, you'll feel like you've watched an entire movie.  Its eeriness with engulf you at points.  Hopefulness and heartbreak will come as well.  This album's truly an experience.

Their music defies categorization.  With roots planted in big band jazz, you'll find a lot of alt-pop folk, rock, orchestral and much more blended in perfectly.

Another plus is Toronto band, Bruce Peninsula lending a hand with some vocals.

The album is available as a CD, vinyl or download through their Bandcamp page.  It can also be downloaded via iTunes.

Video above couretsy of aPocketHistoryofMars

Video above courtesy of Little Room Labs


Some albums escape our radar, so occasionally we'll be catching up with some mini-reviews!

The band's 2011 release, oneiric is a beautiful, rootsier album but still has the emotion and power del bel is known for.  There are lots of indie folk pop touches and a little bit of orchestration.  Worth checking out!

It can be downloaded using  Bandcamp or  iTunes.

Video above courtesy of del bel

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