Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Burlington's Amber Creates Lush, Full Sound on New Album!

There is a full, lush sound coming from Tall Tales, the latest incredible album from Burlington songstress, Amber.  The magical music will envelop and surround you thanks to the wonderful songcraft shown here.,

Centered on Amber's silvery voice and her adept piano skills, songs blend facets of pop, folk, jazz, rock and more.  Many instruments are thrown into the mix but they never overpower, creating a luxurious atmosphere.

Contributing to the opulence are Stephen Court on (vocals, guitar ukulele, bass), Mike Murphy (drums), David Partridge (multiple instruments, producer), Kendra Grittani (cello), Paul Barna (violin/viola), Mark Thomson (trumpet) and Addison Sowery-Quinn (tuba). An amazing team for an amazing recording?

The CD can be picked up at her superb shows or through her website.  Also, you can download it through Amber's Bandcamp page or iTunes.

Videos above courtesy of Amber


Some albums escape our radar, so occasionally we'll be catching up with some mini-reviews!

Released in 2013, Dangerous Strangers and Darker Days is a combination of her first official EP with two bonus tracks added.  The recording is a little less arranged but still packs a ton of catchy pop riffs and emotion packed vocals.  Joining Amber this time are David Partridge, Mark Thomson, Cory Latkovich (L-Con).  It's available as a download via Bandcamp or iTunes,

Video above courtesy of Stephanie Amber Beatson

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