Saturday, April 25, 2015

You'll Find Beautiful Vocals and Sweet Soul on 'Leonard Burns & Dell' Debut EP

Separately, local performers Sue LeonardBrennagh Burns and Cindy Dell are three of the most talented solo musicians around.  When these ladies connect together, they forge an unmistakable, powerful folk sound packed with sultry blues and sweet soul!  The trio, now known as Leonard Burns & Dell have released their debut EP (from Sonic Magpie Records) titled after their former band name, Perfect Strangers.

With an impressive mix of amazing vocal stylings, LBD take each well-crafted song and give it a grit and shine all its own.  On top of of everything, these singer/songwriters offer up some beautiful, angelic harmonies.

Joining them is a team of fabulous area musicians: Andrew Aldridge (guitar), Michael Birthelmer (guitar, piano, mandolin co-producer, mixer, engineer), Ed Roth (accordion), Michael Hickey (bass), Sean O'Grady (drums), and Tom Wells (drums).

Pick up a CD at their wonderful live shows or order via the Sonic Magpie Store (downloads available).  If you prefer, it can also be purchased through iTunes.

Blast from the Past: LBD and Others@Pearl Company Fundraiser

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