Wednesday, April 22, 2015

'Passion Flowers' by Hamilton's Juliana LaChance is Trippy, Hypnotic and Ethereal!

Passion Flowers, the newest trippy album from Hamilton artist and musician Juliana LaChance is definitely off the beaten track.  Loaded with dreamscapes and exotic flavours, it's a hypnotic, entrancing collection of raw, psychedelic folk pop.

Armed with only her amazing, ghostly voice and a bandura (a rare Ukrainian folk instrument), Juliana creates artistic songs and takes the listener on a fantastic, ethereal sonic voyage.

Get this unique album by downloading it from her Bandcamp page.


Flower Queen High, her 2014 album,  is a bit more polished but boasts the same wonderful trippy, folky sound.  Juliana also throws in some dance beats and ethnic rhythms to spice things up.  This recording's a revelation as well!

It can also be downloaded via her Bandcamp page.

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